ST’s Napoli site has hosted in September 40 students from five universities presenting their projects based on the STM32F401 Nucleo boards. The students had started just 64 hours before in the specially converted auditorium of the Napoli site.

The majority had little or no practical experience of 32bit microcontrollers.

After the initial difficulties, the team members – most of whom didn’t know each other before – were soon working late into the evenings to get their projects moving. Feedback from the students was very positive.

The projects were:

  • AccuWeather [very low cost humidity sensor with salt; stepper motor Siemens VDO from an old car; shield x-Nucleo-IHM01A1; STM32 Nucleo].
  • ES3 Embedded Solutions for Safety and Security [three sensors sending information by RF modules; segment serial displays and led diodes; two STM32 Nucleo boards].
  • TSC Temperature Safety Control [temperature control and display; algorithms for with a very low cost sensor diode; STM32 Nucleo].
  • Smart Team [RF data communication between two STM32 Nucleo boards].
  • PSF Partenope-Sun-FedericoII [smart cooling fan with integrated ambient thermometer; segment display; STM32 Nucleo].